The bluest gem of the beach


Delfos Kunstenaar Den Haag

It’s like the sky is captured in.. In a piece, a part, a gem. The blue shades.. and the white making clouds. How did the sky fall down? How can I be so lucky that I get to see it, before the sea takes it back.. What if you could make a gem out of the sky? I continue to walk, stop, go back.. I just can’t stop looking , the blue. Like a blue pearl.

The sea is coming closer, soon the jewel will be washed away without leaving a trace on the beach. Soon… Now a wave  touches the pearl. When the water covers it, it turns a bit green, green blue. The waves pulls the sky into the ocean, erased, gone. I turn around and walk fast in the direction of Kijkduin thinking; There is a great art-supply shop in Den Haag (The Hague), Goedman ! Perhaps it’s time to buy a lightweight easel, perhaps .. perhaps one day the missing piece of the sky can…

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