Delfos Kunstenaar Den Haag (3)

In the city, on the tram.. people talking, people laughing. A man and a woman are sitting next to me, they are talking about contemporary art. Suddenly their voices have more energy,  a artist name mentioned .. I have never heard of the artist. Half sleeping I listen to the words, they both love the artist. He say’s, she make great stuff, and she is wonderful, so positive. Even the most hideous things turn out great when she talks about them..

I get of the tram (or is it called trolley ?). Walking up my street I  hear birds, the clouds have past. Giving my door a quick look, feel the keys in my pocket. I can smell the sea. My legs keep on walking, crossing the street, pass some houses. The sea scent … the strong wind.. on top of the dunes . With Den Haag (The Hague) behind me… there.. now.. I take a deep breath

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