Delfos kunstenaar Den Haag (4)

Walked for an hour, the beach is soft. I am warm, to much cloths on. When leaving home the wind was cold, but now… the sun is warmer. A break, sitting down looking up. Lay myself down, sand in my hair. The sky is.. the clouds are.. what if it was blue on white? A dog barks, voices are talking about the light, that cities, like Den Haag, that are near to the sea, have a special light. The dogs barking is further away, a car? Getting up… standing for a moment with closed eyes, feeling a breeze. Looking up at the sky, hmm very paintable, the blue and white, the scent of beach, the sound of sea. How can I paint a sound. Turner could! Last in the museum, standing in front of a huge Turner painting. Wow…

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