Annica Delfos Kuntenaar in de Haag

In the early morning it’s like aliens have arrived with eggs of ideas. Ideas of.. my feet get covered with sea water, cold, but still nice. What could the eggs bring for gifts. How did they get here? Did the jellyfishes get got caught in a stream? Probably. All of them, in the stream of time. Perhaps the gift is time.. everybody is in such a hurry, and still following the stream.. another wave , now my ankles get wet… can time be wasted?.. wasted time.. far away on the beach some dogs playing in the waves. Yes, time can be wasted, the moment the hunger for more money greater is, than the will to connect with humans or nature… My eyes catches something glittering , getting closer, the glitter looks like sparkling pearls.. But now without their eggs, all what is left is the shiny outside..

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