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Picture This fotomuseum den Haag (3)

On Instagram this post past by … I had never heard of it, which isn’t that strange, there are so many interesting things going on in Den Haag. At Picture This photographers talk about their how’s and why’s. It sounded great. After some asking around, the ticket was booked.  My Wednesday was busy, so I arrived nearly to late. It had already started, but a friendly soul let me in and fixed a chair for me to sit on. (Thank you friendly soul)  Fascinating talks. Ronin takes pictures, beautiful black and white of the Japanese underground, the world of tattoo and gangs. His photos are on show in the HOK gallery, Den Haag.  Harmen de Jong, with the White chair photos for the Dutch newspaper Parool and photos for the Kampion. Interesting to hear background information.

Picture this fotomuseum den haag

The Englishman Richard Learoyd’s big show at the Fotomuseum Den Haag opens on the 5 of October. His camera obscure photos are one of a kind (in more than one way) Definitely have to see the show!  So happy that this event passed through my Instagram feed. A perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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