Artistic Leader at Kunstmaand (Artmonth) Ameland

Very happy and thankful to be the new Artistic leader at Kunstmaand (Artmonth) Ameland. So excited, love meeting and talking to artist. And the island is gorgeous, it breaths Art the whole month of November. Everywhere there is art to see and to experience. On this page I will put the films and article’s.

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Kunstmaand Ameland Artistiek leider Annica Delfos Den Haag

Nieuwsbrief Kunstmaand Ameland april 2020 Newsletter Art Month Ameland April 2020


In the Dutch Online kunstmagazine (art magazine) I was invited to write an article. I choose to write a diary about my work as artistic leader (some call it artistic director) . They liked it so much it turned into a serial. It is written in  Dutch , but it is about art so also a lot of pictures.