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Art is life
Life is art

  • Time travel?

    Thursday I was lucky enough to take my beach walk when the Tallships where sailing in. Fantastic! They will stay in the Scheveningen harbor until Sunday. If you want to see them, this link will give you all information needed 🙂

  • 15 seconds of fame

    My Swedish family has been over, and whiles taking a beach walk, a very nice woman from Omroep Max ( Dutch Television) started talking to me. I am very honored that Gus let me try a mini, mini bit of… Read More ›

  • Studio

    Now it was time, it took some searching to find my watercolors, haven’t used them in ages. Packed my bag with everything needed, the colors, old wallpaper ( great to play/paint on) water (also to drink)… and lunch..and a towel….. Read More ›

  • And sometimes it rains

    In minutes everything can change, the clouds have their own competition in the sky. Who is fastest and who drops the most water. The wind move the sand, a dance , but painful against my bare legs. I wonder, if… Read More ›

  • Kijkduin

    Kijkduin is one of the Den Haag (the Hague) beaches. It’s a more quiet beach, even on a beautiful day there is space. I like to call it my back garden. Makes me smile, a wonderful garden it is. Someday… Read More ›

  • Life

    Waking up, breakfast, then studio. Painting on the Future series, my world, my universe… everything connected. Often when the painting feels like it’s placed it self in it’s own world.. I roll it up and put it away. Lunch break… Read More ›

  • Time

    In the early morning it’s like aliens have arrived with eggs of ideas. Ideas of.. my feet get covered with sea water, cold, but still nice. What could the eggs bring for gifts. How did they get here? Did the… Read More ›

  • Not this time

    Back home again and I find it difficult to find the flow in the studio. Walking up and down the beach. Every moment that my eyes see the sky it has changed color.. beautiful colors. Colors that you can feel…. Read More ›

  • A year ago

    A year ago we signed the contract and bought this beautiful place. In the evening we put all the cleaning stuff in the apartment and…..the windows in the living room were filled with the most wonderful colors.. couldn’t help our… Read More ›

  • Life is art

    Everywhere I look I see art. Colors.. they touch my soul. Compositions pull me inside. Light, giving pure happiness. It makes me wonder, why this need to paint? and why don’t I paint what I see, all these beautiful sights…… Read More ›