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Art is life
Life is art

  • Alone

    Monday, emptying my head, need to make space. Thoughts like,  why do I do what I do? Trying to find answers, and after a while trying to find reasons. The sound of the waves wipe out my questions… Does it… Read More ›

  • Ever-changing colors

    How can water, salt and oxygen give so many color variation? Is this real, this color , it’s so..  indescribable.. Is it the dark sky, the blue grey, before the rain comes or  the low sun that doesn’t want to… Read More ›

  • Starting point

    Nature give forms that I can play with. Drawing with my fingers in the sand, making small holes or big sweeps… straight lines and .. marks. The controlled mixed with the uncontrolled.Waiting for the water to wipe it out and… Read More ›

  • High

    Walked for an hour, the beach is soft. I am warm, to much cloths on. When leaving home the wind was cold, but now… the sun is warmer. A break, sitting down looking up. Lay myself down, sand in my… Read More ›

  • Inside

    The light on the beach reminds me of the eyes of a happy child, brighter than bright, lighter than light. Looking closer, I see the twinkle in the eyes.. or the twinkles in the sky. I love that, twinkles… happiness….. Read More ›

  • Air

    In the city, on the tram.. people talking, people laughing. A man and a woman are sitting next to me, they are talking about contemporary art. Suddenly their voices have more energy,  a artist name mentioned .. I have never… Read More ›

  • The power

    After painting and the day is over… The evening comes, the beach transforms into colors. It  feels surreal. When I didn’t live by the beach and visited museums filled with Dutch and other master painters in The Hague or Amsterdam….. Read More ›

  • Like water

    Today was stormy and the sand looks like water, pulling me along. Pushing me forward. Every step I take, is a take-of.. need to ground myself in the sand. My legs still and steady, quickly the sand covers my shoes…. Read More ›

  • The bluest gem of the beach

      It’s like the sky is captured in.. In a piece, a part, a gem. The blue shades.. and the white making clouds. How did the sky fall down? How can I be so lucky that I get to see… Read More ›

  • Gems on the beach

    Everyday there are new gems to be found on the beach… look at those wonderful stripes..It looks like they are painted, don’t you agree? The white in so many shades.. kind of an egg form or looking sideways a eye… Read More ›