Annica Delfos Lives in The Hague and has art-studios in The Netherlands and Sweden

Online Kunstmagazine (Dutch online art magazine)

I am happy to be invited to share parts of my diary. It all started in 2020 when I combined my painting with my artistic leader practice. From 2022 I only have time for my painting. The diary is now all about day to day life for an artist.

2020. One of my Watch and See paintings on the cover of a very interesting research handbook about Making a Difference in Global Leadership. Edited by Lena Zander

Art shows, a selection

I Längtans Spår. ( In the Trail of Desire) 2022 Solo. Perssons Magasin Löa Kopparberg, Sweden.
Watch and See. 2017 Solo. Sijthoff, Leiden. The Netherlands
Portrait and Landscape. 2015 Grand Finale Swedish Embassy Den Hague, The Netherlands
Portrait and Landscape, 2015 Solo. Bubble projects Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France.

take a walk 2 annica delfos
Walk the Walk, 2015. Galerie Zone, Leiden, The Netherlands
Landscapes 2014. The Gallery, Purmerend, The Netherlands

10 sec of Vacation. 2008 Gallery Westerdok, Almelo, The Netherlands

In newspapers, catalogs and books. A selection.

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