Expo’s/ Show’s a selection


Tentoonstellingen een selectie/ Shows a selection 


Watch and See Sijthoff, Leiden NL 2017 ( Solo.  More than 300 small oil-paintings on paper and a couple of big ones on canvas.) Oil-paintings as installation

Grande Finale Swedish Embassy Den Haag , NL 2015 (oil-paintings Portrait and landscape)

Bubble projects Stocholm, S and Paris, Fr 2015 (oil-paintings Portrait and landscape )

Walk the Walk,  Gallery Zône, Leiden NL 2015 (oil-paintings Portrait and landscape)

The Gallery Purmerend, NL 2014 (oil-paintings Landscape)

Uit Klei, Bergenkerk  in Deventer, NL . 2014 (ceramic mixed media)

Ode aan de natuur. The Von Gimborn park, Doorn NL 2014 (ceramic outdoor installation-sculpture)

Sight specific installation SOS, I Wonder.. in Doorloop, Alphen aan de Rijn , NL 2014 (Solo, oil-paintings, porcelain, text, photo, furniture, live plants)

Keramix  Zoetermeer,NL 2014 (A series portraits made from porcelain fungus)

Sight specific installation , two rooms. The Army of Inside Out in Geluk van Lingenwaard Fort Pannerden, Doornenburg NL 2013 (porcelain, clay, photos, text, website, interaction, furniture, text)

Keratex Zoetermeer NL 2013 (ceramic, among others porcelain with needlework)

Gemeente Museum  Zomerxpo Den Haag, NL 2012 (Installation, porcelain,clay and photo)

Keramix Zoetermeer, NL 2012 (ceramic, porcelain with metal and glass)

NABK Den Haag,NL 2012 (ceramic, porcelain with thread and glass)

Gallery Eversthuis Bodegraven NL 2011 ( ceramic,  porcelain mixed media)

Westerwald Museum Höhrgrenzhauzen, Germany 2010 (ceramic, porcelain and metal, installation to be changed by the audience)

Coda Museum Apeldoorn, NL 2010 (ceramic necklace, porcelain, silver, metal)

The Red Thread a collaboration between the Dutch Gallery Zône and the Swedish gallery Kaleido 2010 (ceramic, porcelain, glass and thread)

Dutch Ceramic Biënnale in Zeewolde NL 2010 (ceramic, porcelain, clay and photo)

Gallery Cosmopolitan Göteborg, S 2009 (ceramic, small sculptures and poems)

Topstukken Dutch Contemporary Ceramics, Gorcums Museum, NL 2008 (ceramic, porcelain and stoneware combined)

Gallery Westerdok in Almelo NL 2008 (ceramic, porcelain , thread and photo)

Meesterlijk Design Eindhoven, NL 2009 (ceramic, paint, pen)

Ceramica Multiplex in Croatia 2009. (ceramic, porcelain, thread, silverclay)

Kapfenberg Biennale in Kapfenberg Austria 2007. (ceramic, porcelain, photos, poem and thread)

2001- 2015 Ceramic/craft markets in Sweden and The Netherlands. Table ware and sculptures in Gallery’s and art and crafts shops in Sweden and The Netherlands


Projects/ Projekt

Organizing The red thread. A collaboration between Zône in the Netherlands and Kaleido in Sweden, Culture grant from The embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sweden

Color and Form a EU project with Swedish artists  Gerd Göran en Ingi Kirsenbom in Sången Hällefors Sverige 2003

In newspapers, catalogs and books. A selection.


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