Porcelain Mixed Media

A Wondeful World. Annica Delfoa
R.I.P Bury all weapons. Annica Delfos
Forgiving gives restart, it’s your energy, don’t waste it. Annica Delfos
Marching for change , 2009. Annica Delfos
Yes. Annica Delfos
Life is Now. Annica Delfos
Amourphsly ,2009 Annica Delfos. Ceramica Multiplex Kerameikon , Varazdin, Croatia. (It was again on show in 2013, When the new book was published.) Annica Delfos, 30 cm high. Changes it’s form everytime you replace it. Shown at Ceramica Multiplex Kerameikon and is now now part of there collection Modern ceramics in Varazdin Croatia.
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a singel moment before starting to improve the world ( Anne Frank) 2010, Annica Delfos Ceramic
Picture No Words. A installation game. Annica Delfos
Only the truly brave. Annica Delfos
Real Life. Annica Delfos
Future. Annica Delfos
Lonely. Annica Delfos
Happy Times. Annica Delfos
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