United World

All these countries, people, traditions and history on one fragile globe. Does it keep us together or…   United world started of as an ordinary ceramic sculpture in a display cabinet, but when I placed it in the cabinet it… Read More ›

Picture No Words

Picture No Words would love to play with humans outside the studio some day, if you know a nice place, don’t hesitate to contact me. annicadelfos@gmail.com   Sometimes talking and languages feels like a barrier. How can one share dreams, fears,… Read More ›

Verdwaald in Fictie, a Dutch..

Als ik nu de inwoners van liefdes pockets en handwerk tijdschriften vrijheid geef…

The Army of Inside Out

The Army of Inside Out enjoyed their travels and exhibitions so much, that they would love, yes LOVE to do some more. If you know a great place where they can spread some Love around in a complete new chapter… Read More ›

In Time

In Time thinks it’s great fun to play with humans, if you know a place where they are welcome don’t hesitate to contact me. annicadelfos@gmail.com   There are many written and unwritten rules in art. What art is or what it… Read More ›


Connecting…Not knowing where it will lead to. The paintings have there own will and life.


When my eyes have seen to much, they want to stay closed. To rest for a while. Then I place a pencil in my hand and draw ‘blind’, the drawings surprise me and they grow whiles I color them. It… Read More ›

Watch and See

The beginning of the Watch and See installation was a assignment to myself: Start every morning with one painting on paper, at that moment in life I felt a bit lost, needed to find a way back.. .Starting the day… Read More ›

Loving Nature

From early spring to late autumn, totally inspired by nature The grass The Flowers The trees and the light The Trees and the light 2