In Time

There are many written and unwritten rules in art. What art is or what it isn’t. Defined in names like Fine Art, Applied Art, Performance Art and so on and so forth. All these cages seem needed, to know where something belongs. Yet I wonder what the importance of that is and what will happen if things change…

In 2010 In Time was curated to take part in the Naspa Talent Award.

In Time started of on a low (a bit to low pedestal /table) During the opening at the Westerwaald Museum in Germany, In time turned more into a conversion piece then a touchable piece.

I asked the museum if it was possible to place In Time on a higher table, wanting it on a more touchable distance. They were very helpful. During my next visit I found the table higher. They were also very helpful finding a solution to the challenge “Visitors changing the installation” . Museum rules understandable state; No touching artwork.  They found a fantastic solution. In Time was a part of there guided tour and during the tour, touching and changing was possible. I wish that I could have been there to see what happened during the tours, but unfortunately  Höhr Grenzhauzen is a bit to far away.

Very honored to be part of the fantastic Naspa Catalog and very surprised by photo of In Time in the beautiful German magazine; Kunsthandwerk & Design.

Content; Porcelain+Metal+ Glaze+ Transfers+ Human Touch

This is are a few of the results of students playing with In Time..

By annicadelfos

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