The Army of Inside Out

The Army of Inside Out is a mixed media installation about Love.


Love, is there anything more important? It should be everywhere. How can it reach as many people as possible? I will start by teaching an army of snails that Love needs to be spread around. Of coarse I will need the help of humans…

The Army of Inside Out, participated in show’s,(among others in the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague) that gave them a grand start. When humans ‘adopted’ a snail, they where asked to photograph it near something that needed Love. The snails didn’t move fast, but as shows past and time went by, more and more photos arrived in the mailbox.

A website was created so that the snails could see where the other snail spread Love. 

They got a little bit famous when the Dutch magazine Keramiek wrote about them and their mission.

Something even greater happened. A art curator read the Dutch magazine Keramiek. The snails were invited to take part in a big show in Fort Pannerden, NL. This time they really could move in, so that Love could grow. The photos sent by the humans where developed in poster size, so that it was easy to see all the Love that has been spread around. The computer with the website, letters and even poems from humans who had a snail. Now the Army wondered, what would the humans say or wright down about Love. About who needed Love and why. So a mailbox was hung, paper with a question to the grown ups and  from the small humans they asked for a drawing. The mailbox was regularly emptied and the contents was placed on the desk. The desk filled up with lovely drawings and beautiful ideas about Love.

Some snails hid in the other rooms, staircases and walls.

They where never seen again.. So they probably found someone in great need of love.

Very honored to be a part of this wonderful adventure, and happy that once again Dutch magazines Keramiek and Klei wrote about their mission. That Love is the only thing that matters in the world. Happy snails even showed the way on the exhibition poster.

Content; Porcelain+ Poster + Human Touch = Photos + Website+ Home+ Human Touch + Mailbox= LOVE

By annicadelfos

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