Picture No Words

Picture No Words would love to play with humans outside the studio some day, if you know a nice place, don’t hesitate to contact me. annicadelfos@gmail.com

Sometimes talking and languages feels like a barrier. How can one share dreams, fears, daily life without the pressure of finding the right words, the ones that can’t be misinterpreted? With pictures, just like the first humans and our (should-be) roll models: young children with there open mind and curiosity!

What is it?

Picture No Words is an Installation art game for a group, played with one player or team at the time, 

Are there any rules?

Yes, adults only. There is a time limit , not always the same, but depending on the place and amount players. Each player determines (within the time limit) when the installation / story is ready and when the title is given the game is over !

What happens after it’s got it’s title?

I will make a photo of your Picture No Words- installation/story. This photo can, if you want,  be sent to your email. You have the right to print it and use it .

Is the game only in English?

It is in pictures, but I can speak Dutch, Swedish and English.

Why would I want to do this?

For the sheer joy of it 😉

Where can I play it?

If you have a space and a group who wants to try it, contact me!

Content; Porcelain + Clay + Human Touch = Story + Photo = Joy

By annicadelfos

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