Watch and See

The Making of and…..

The beginning of the Watch and See installation was a assignment to myself: Start every morning with one painting on paper, at that moment in life I felt a bit lost, needed to find a way back..

.Starting the day with one painting. When finished I hung it to dry on my wall. As the days went by the wall got full with the small oil paintings on paper.. It felt as my morning cup of coffee, the good-morning paintings.  Every morning I placed a photo of the Watch and See from the day before on my Instagram account annicadelfosontrack Instagram . Once in a while visitors came to my studio, the first thing they saw when entering, was the wall  with Watch and See paintings. Their reactions, so funny, so different, so curios. Questions like; What am I looking at? and they couldn’t stop looking. so.. hmm perhaps .. In my mind something big was starting to grow. If I had really a lot of them, walls full, how would people react? Would they be curios, stay and look or run away?

What if I made them bigger, what would that be like? Big? 90 x 90 cm?

Drying on studio walls. Annica Delfos

Summer holiday, time for  Sweden.  I packed:  More than hundred small paintings and the three big ones and some text I couldn’t get out of my head. I also packed more than enough oil paint, paper and canvas to continue with Watch and See in  Sweden. Yes I know, some people pack a suitcase when they go on holiday. I do boxes, but that’s because I have a studio on my holiday address.

One beautiful summers day I got mail, from a place called Sijthoff in Leiden, if I wanted to exhibit? But it had to be ‘on the wall” the space was also used for music performances. Usually I want to visit the location before making a decision, but after having a long good look on their website and a lot of mails to the owner. I decided to do it. With the installation I called Watch and See Try-out. Now I had to figure out how. How to place hundreds of small paper oil paintings!

Luckily I had the summer to figure it out, and then I could experiment with practical solutions in the month before the opening. Even with everything ready on time. The  build up was very, very time consuming and extremely exiting, it would be the first time I saw Watch and See complete. What would it feel like? I had made some small scale models, trying to get a idea. But nothing prepared me for this… Surrounded  by colors and forms, and the big paintings worked nice and calming and the texts as a lovely confusion …

During the opening of the exhibition I was interviewed, very nervous, but it was really  a great experience. So nice to be able to tell the How’s and Why’s. One question was; Why should people come to a Try out, instead of the real thing.? I answered; Try out in a good way, to me a installation is a changing thing. Has a life of it’s own. I hadn’t seen Watch and See complete, in place. What would it feel like? Look like? But perhaps Try Out isn’t the right words, maybe is, a first chapter better, the first chapter in the Story of Watch and See…

If you understand Dutch, you are welcome to listen to the interview;

sijthoff o grannpojke 059 (1024x683)

The visitor’s had different reactions, and many reactions. Some got nearly dizzy and couldn’t stand being surrounded by all unidentified forms and vibrant colors. Others took a chair and sat there for a really long time. Nobody seemed indifferent for the effect by Watch and See, said the owner of Sijthoff.

It was the most wonderful compliment.

Halfway the exhibition time fantastic photos where circulating on the internet. Watch and See likes music!

Contents; More than 300 A4 sized oil paintings on paper+ 3 ( 90 x 90 cm and 120 x 145 cm) + 4 text’s + Brainoffice*

*Most room-sized installation gets a Brainoffice, that is, in short, everything on my desk whiles working on parts of the Installation in my studio. For example the music I listen to, the books I read in my lunch-break, parts of paintings and so on and so forth.

By annicadelfos

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