Like butterflies

It is such a treat, walking on Kijkduin beach when the wind is blowing, showing of it’s power. All these colorful kite’s in the sky. Butterflies strong enough to carry humans and sometimes makes them  fly… around and around they… Read More ›


Waking up, breakfast, then studio. Painting on the Future series, my world, my universe… everything connected. Often when the painting feels like it’s placed it self in it’s own world.. I roll it up and put it away. Lunch break… Read More ›


In the early morning it’s like aliens have arrived with eggs of ideas. Ideas of.. my feet get covered with sea water, cold, but still nice. What could the eggs bring for gifts. How did they get here? Did the… Read More ›

Like water

Today was stormy and the sand looks like water, pulling me along. Pushing me forward. Every step I take, is a take-of.. need to ground myself in the sand. My legs still and steady, quickly the sand covers my shoes…. Read More ›