den haag

Great News!

Very proud to announce that I am the Artistic Leader for the next three years at the great International Art event: ArtMonth Ameland , Kunstmaand Ameland. The Netherlands.


Everything is soft, freindly, slow and you have all the time in the world. What would you do? Would you change the way you live? The way you see things? Would you see strangers in another light ? And if… Read More ›

Inspiring talks

On Instagram this post past by … I had never heard of it, which isn’t that strange, there are so many interesting things going on in Den Haag. At Picture This photographers talk about their how’s and why’s. It sounded great. After… Read More ›


In my studio, just breathing.. with the summer still outside and inside.. on my wall. Nature makes me feel small and big at the same time. Leaning back on my chair, collecting memories in my mind, the memories change into… Read More ›

How come…

Just wondering.. how come the flowers .. the gardens… the sweetness suddenly feels .. What does it feel like? Is it a longing to lay in the grass?Or another way to look at the sky,  the wind? My feet move… Read More ›

Like butterflies

It is such a treat, walking on Kijkduin beach when the wind is blowing, showing of it’s power. All these colorful kite’s in the sky. Butterflies strong enough to carry humans and sometimes makes them  fly… around and around they… Read More ›

Time travel?

Thursday I was lucky enough to take my beach walk when the Tallships where sailing in. Fantastic! They will stay in the Scheveningen harbor until Sunday. If you want to see them, this link will give you all information needed 🙂


Now it was time, it took some searching to find my watercolors, haven’t used them in ages. Packed my bag with everything needed, the colors, old wallpaper ( great to play/paint on) water (also to drink)… and lunch..and a towel….. Read More ›